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Known compatible Futaba radios : 7U, 8U, 8J, 9C, 9Z, and FN series.
Known compatible Hitec radios : Optic 6, Eclipse 7.
Note : other radios may be compatible if the module size/shape is the same.

XtremeLink™ 2.4GHz combo package.

Consisting of one XtremeLink™ 2.4GHz transmitter module for Futaba and Hitec radios, and one XtremeLink™ 2.4GHz 10 channel receiver.

Don't buy another transmitter! Use your existing one!

Imagine a radio system with no frequency conflicts ever. Imagine never having to wait for your frequency pin. Imagine having complete control well beyond the range of what you can see, even with binoculars! Imagine having the ability to get real-time data back from your plane, car, or boat. Imagine control so smooth, that not even top of the range radio systems can match it. Imagine no more! The XtremeLink™ system gives you all of this, and much more... and without having to change transmitters!

The XtremeLink™ is a module system for most Futaba, JR, Hitec, Multiplex, and Airtronics radio systems that have a removable RF module. The system includes a replacement transmitter module that plugs into the RF module location of your existing transmitter, and a XtremeLink™ receiver. Receivers are available in 8 channel and 10 channel versions (a 6 channel lightweight "park flyer", 12 channel, and 16 channel versions will be available in the future). In just seconds, you can convert your existing 72Mhz system into an XtremeLink™ system! The switch is completely transparent to the user. Nothing changes with your transmitter settings. Just remove your existing transmitter RF module (and stock antenna) and plug in the XtremeLink™ transmitter module. Then swap your 72Mhz receiver with the XtremeLink™ receiver and you're done! It's just plug and play! Advanced features include the ability to program a failsafe position for each individual channel in case of a catastrophic failure (such as a transmitter battery failure), as well as swapping and duplicating channels.

The XtremeLink™ system operates on the 2.4GHz band. This is a license-free band used typically for wireless networks, cordless telephones, and other devices. The radio portion of the XtremeLink™ system was developed for us by the leader in wireless network technology. The XtremeLink's™ proprietary spherical RF radiation pattern eliminates the need for multiple receiver antennas. The XtremeLink™ uses all of the available frequencies in the ISM band through an advanced patent-pending frequency hopping technique. The output power is adjustable from 10mw (legal anywhere in the world that allows 2.4GHz) up to 100mw of power (U.S. and select other countries only). Power consumption is extremely low. Even at the highest power level, the power consumption of the radio module is less than 90ma, giving you up to 5 times the battery life over a traditional 72Mhz RF output.

The XtremeLink™ uses bi-directional communication between the transmitter module and the receiver. Data is transferred and acknowledged, both directions. Data encryption and 64 bit CRC error checking means that invalid data being passed to the servos is virtually impossible.

1024 systems are great. 2048 (Futaba's 14MZ) is even better. The XtremeLink™ has an unparalleled 65536 (16 bits) system! Future versions of the XtremeLink™ could have enough bandwidth for live video and audio transmissions!

The transmitter module has a port for a remotely mounted telemetry control unit consisting of a large (20 character x 4 lines) trans-reflective and backlit LCD screen with three function buttons. The unit conveniently mounts in your old antenna hole! On-board sensor modules (which plug into the XtremeLink™ receiver) allow data from your R/C plane, car, or boat to be viewed in real-time! Up to 256 different sensor modules can be connected and accessed at the same time via the telemetry system. The telemetry upgrade comes with the standard flight sensor package which provides battery voltage, on-board temperature, and altitude. Additional sensor modules for airspeed, various temperature readings (exhaust gas temperature, battery temperature, etc.), and many other functions will be available. An earphone jack is used to access the built-in audio output. The telemetry control unit can be programmed to sound an alarm by using tones and/or human speech when certain events occur (such as too slow of air speed, too low of altitude, low battery, etc). Some of sample words in module vocabulary include: altitude, warning, landing, gear, speed, failure.

Many questions have been asked about using a single antenna design versus a multiple antenna design. The spherical radiation technology we use eliminates the need for multiple receiver antennas. However, to please the skeptics, we now have the ability to make one of the telemetry sensors a remotely located receiver. So, you could have up to 256 extra receivers in your plane! Our demonstrations have proven the reliability of the system with a single receiver antenna, but we will be happy to sell you as many of something you don't need as we can!

XtremeLink™ Features :
Range (6 channel receiver)
  • Up to 500 feet ground based, line of sight.
  • Up to 500 feet ground based, line of sight.

  • Range (8/10/16 channel receivers)
  • Up to 1 mile (5200+ feet) ground based, line of sight.
  • Up to 5 miles (26,000+ feet) ground to air, line of sight.

  • Frequency
  • 2.4GHz ISM bands, using intelligent frequency hopping.
  • Spherical RF radiation technology eliminates the need for multiple receiver antennas.

  • Resolution
  • 16 bits per channel (65536 system).
  • +/- 10ns servo pulse accuracy.

  • Interference
  • 1 in 18,446,744,073,709,552,000 chance of being on the same channel as another module
  • Up to 120 modules in use simultaneously.

  • Antenna length
  • Integrated in 6 channel receiver.
  • 1.2" for receiver, fully enclosed.
  • 5" external transmitter antenna.

  • Miscellaneous
  • Individually programmable failsafe for all channels (in event of transmitter battery failure).
  • Programmable channel mapping.
  • Bi-directional telemetry data interface (Except for 6-Ch RX)
  • FCC, IC, CE/ETSI approved!

  • Interesting Fact!
    Digital servos do not "hum" by nature. With our system, they make no noise while idle unless there is a load on the control arm. The reason why other radios systems cause these types of servos to hum is the pulse conversion stability. "Normal" (non-digital) servos do not respond unless there is at least 3us (three microseconds) of change in the servo pulse width. This "slop" of 3us is very common in standard radio systems. Digital servos are so accurate that they respond to as little as a 1us change in the servo pulse width. This means that a standard radio system is causing a digital servo to move around constantly while just sitting still in what is considered to be an idle position. Our radio system has a servo pulse width variation of +/-10ns.

    2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Air Product Comparison Guide

    Product Feature / DescriptionSpektrum DSMSpektrum DSM2Futaba FASSTXPS XtremeLink
    Radio Speed (effective throughput)31.25Kbps128KbpsNot Known256Kbps
    Frequency HoppingNoNoYesYES *
    Specified range~ 1000 FeetLine Of SightLine Of SightUp To 5 Miles
    Resolution256 (8 bits)1024 (10 bits)32768 (15 bits)65536 (16 bits)
    Number of systems that can be in use simultaneously3939Not Known120
    Integrated single antennaNoNoNoYES
    Real time, built in telemetry interfaceNoNoNoYES
    Bi-directional communicationsNoNoNoYES
    Receivers available or pending (# of channels)66/7/96/7/8/144/6/8/10/12/16
    Latency (measured from stick input to receiver output)Several FramesUp To 1 FrameUp To 1 Frame2ms To 1 Frame
    Failsafe programmable for each individual channelNoNoNoYES
    Operating voltage range4.7v-10v4.5v-10v3.2v-16v3.5v-30v
    Support for all transmitters, regardless of age (requires trainer port)NoNoNoYES
    Product warrantyNot KnownNot KnownNot KnownLIFETIME **

    * Only changes frequencies when potential interference is encountered.

    ** Lifetime warranty applies to parts and workmanship, and excludes physical abuse.
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